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Original writings

CV - updated April 2019.

My publications (Google Scholar)

The Not So Short Introduction to Getting Into Medical School - I wrote this book about my experiences with applying to medical school. Feel free to print it, edit it, amend it, or re-distribute it. I also have a double-sided version for people with printers that can print to both sides of a sheet of paper. This second version looks more like a commercial book.

An older version of the manual is available as a webpage.
The source code for the Introduction is available here.
Megachurches - my thesis.
My thesis was written in LaTeX using the MLA package I created.
If you want to learn LaTeX, read The Not So Short Introduction and check out this cheat sheet.
I've also created a Scientific Paper Package for writing journal-style articles.
Tic Tac Toe Manual - how to win every game of tic tac toe.  Here is a game to test your skills.

The Pharisees' Historical Role in Shaping Christianity and Judaism

Original programs

HTML Calendar Maker (stand alone - change to .pl / CGI - change to .cgi) - written in Perl.
American holidays - taken from Claus Tondering
FAQ about calendars - also by Tondering
security module - simple 1 bit security

Original backgrounds

six pack
stained glass
mouse church - this is the image I created for my thesis' title page


Megakirker - A Danish newspaper wrote an article about megachurches. The final paragraph can be rougly translated as, "Another researcher Ryan D. Aycock comes to the result that the mega-churches have gone as far as in order to adjust themselves the members that they have spaces for theological debate and spiritual growth not any more."
St. Cornelius of the Divine Saviour's Fall 2006 Newsletter - in German
Geographic Analysis of Two Suburban Mega Church Congregations in Atlanta - An MA thesis from Georgia State University
Black Megachurches and Social Services - A PhD dissertation from American University, eerily similar to the thesis above

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